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Choosing the best summer activity for your child!

Summer vacations! It’s a time that is filled with mixed emotions for any family – excitement for your child and anxiety for you, the parent!

After all what can be worse than having a bored youngster at hand for a whole one and a half months?

A time of constant negotiations on access to screen time, be it the television, computer or the tablet and a total escape from schoolwork!

However, we have got some great ideas for you this summer that will help you to keep your child busy while keeping his/her fun quotient intact.

Enrolling for summer classes– There are plenty of options in each city to choose from depending on the child’s interest and energy levels. You could consider some offbeat activity classes, if exposure is what you have in mind!

The important thing to remember is to let your child make the choice, since he/she needs to enjoy it.

Learning at home- Even the time spent at home can be productive too.  Being at home can be as much of a learning experience for your child as the outdoors is.

What’s more, your child can be a helping hand allowing you more free time to spend with him/her. You can enlist their help in grocery shopping, cooking, running chores at the marketplace and even spring-cleaning.

The time spent can be both fun and productive, and a way to ensure they are far away from the dreaded TV/computer screen.

Start a long term activity– You could encourage your child to maintain a summer scrap book complete with pictures clicked by him/her or you could encourage him/her to start a collection of some sort – be it coins, stamps, pebbles or anything that catches his/her fancy.

You can also engage your child in a gardening activity wherein he/she can look after a plant and help it grow during the summer months.

Free play–  Let your child  explore his  unstructured time in his own way!

In these unstructured, unscripted, unplanned times, they are growing ideas in their mind and that’s the best learning of all.

So, let them build racetracks, doll houses and have a tea party with imaginary friends, it’s all a learning process! Make these summer holidays an eventful one for your kids!

Remember the holidays are for your kids and not for you! So don’t impose your choice of activities but let your child choose his own.

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