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Gardening with kids


Gardening is one of those activities that soon grow into a hobby. It keeps you busy, it makes you sensitive towards environment, it makes you appreciate nature and more than anything else, it cheers you up. Due to time and space constraints, you may not indulge into gardening but believe us it helps your kids too. How? We’d tell you.


With a bit of your participation, your pre-schooler can learn many things from helping in a garden. They learn to be responsible and patient while caring for a tiny seed as it grows into a plant. They discover self-satisfaction in raising something beautiful. The simple act of digging and planting also helps physical development, strengthening both gross and fine motor skills.

Beyond what your child will naturally learn from being outdoors, there are ways to make the gardening experience more educational for him. Help him to make a chart of his plants and teach him to predict how the flowers will change each week or month. Then, work on basic math concepts by measuring the plants together every Saturday. Talk to him about the principle of cause and effect as he waters the seeds and they later sprout. As the summer wears on, the cycle of life unfolds magically in front of him, from sowing seeds to growing plants to harvesting flowers and veggies.

But be assured to assign him a duty. Put him in charge of certain tasks, like watering the plants. Plant a “pizza garden” of tomatoes, peppers, and basil or a “rainbow garden” with flowers of each colour in the spectrum. You can go all out with your creative theme gardens. Most importantly, gardening is a great way to bond together in the great outdoors.

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How can we encourage creativity in today’s children?

Creativity has always been a big part of children’s lives. Every time a child draws a picture, organizes a tea party for her teddy bears or builds something out of modeling clay, creativity is at play.

The problem with many kids today is that they’re spending too much of their time in front of television sets/video game consoles and too little time in those activities that foment creativity.

We at learning House strive to build a positive outlook in our students.

Encouraging creativity is a bit tricky. We need to steer kids toward a creative activity and give them the tools to get started. Then we need to step away and let them explore on their own. If  we get too involved, we might end up inserting our own ideas into the activity, crushing the kids’ creativity in the process.

Thus,we stress fun at all times, because we all learn more when we are having fun!

The activity we offer is not as important as how much the child enjoys it. Figuring out what works could require some trial and error, though. Some kids might enjoy finger painting while others might prefer craft activities. The more interested a child is in an activity or topic, the more questions he or she is likely to ask.

According to experts, the average preschool-aged child asks about 100 questions a day . As kids grow older, those questions became less common. A good way to stimulate creativity in children is to get them involved in activities that spark their curiosity. The more questions children ask, the more they can explore and the more their imaginations and creative minds will expand.

Encouraging children work on their creativity also prepares them for more open thinking and enhances their problem-solving skills.

Lets children explore the joy of creativity!!

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