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Five steps to a better handwriting

on August 28, 2012

Five steps to a better handwriting

Earlier, we discussed how writing process is an integration of a variety of sensory-motor skills. Today, Learning House, Jaipur presents five steps that will ensure a better handwriting:


1. Get a Great Grasp

The way you grasp your writing tool is pretty important for your writing. If you don’t hold your pen/pencil in proper manner, your writing will get messy. The best way to hold a pen/pencil is to let it rest next to the base of your thumb. Hold it in place with your thumb, index finger and middle finger.


2. Let the Lines Be Your Guide
Lined paper is your friend! Those lines can help you create letters that are the right size and proportion. The capital letters should stretch from the bottom line to the top one. Lines also can keep you writing straight instead of uphill or downhill.

3. Slow Down
If your writing is hard to read or you erase a lot, try slowing down a little. For some kids, going slower solves the problem. If you rush, it’s hard to control where you stop and start your letters, and you end up making more mistakes.

4. Lower the Pressure
Some kids press down really hard when they write, punching holes/dents in the paper all along. That makes it harder to make the smooth lines needed for writing, especially cursive. Try easing up, don’t grip the pencil as tightly, and let your pencil mark the paper without going all the way through.

5. Play Games
Yes, games can improve your handwriting! Lots of games require you to write or draw pictures. So even though it’s not official school work, you’re still using the skills you need to control your pencil better. And if you want to strengthen the muscles you need for writing, you can also do that while you’re playing board games. Use a clothespin instead of your fingers to pick up your game piece and move it around the board.


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