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Developing Fine Motor Skills!

on August 8, 2012

We believe good handwriting is an important skill for everyone to have even in this keyboard and technology world. When children are taught handwriting skills at a young age, they are positioned for a lifetime of legible handwriting. Good handwriting is like knowing how to ride a bike – it’s something you never forget.

Your child will enjoy the benefits of good handwriting for a lifetime.

But before giving handwriting practice of your kid, we need to focus more on their fine motor skills development.

In order to maintain the correct grip for holding a pencil, their fine motor skills need to be improved and encouraged.

Fine Motor refers to the development of small muscles of the body (particularly the small muscles in hands) which will enable actions like grasping small objects, clicking, correct writing grasp etc. By developing your child’s fine motor skills, it will enable their finger and muscles to become stronger and provide them with the ability to control the way they hold a pencil.

There are many activities that are enjoyable for children and aid in the development of the fine motor skills,

Here are a few suggestions on how to develop your child’s fine motor skills.

  • Using scissors to cut out shapes or cut paper.
  • Threading shoelace through sewing card holes (this can easily be made by making holes on a piece of paper, using a hole punch that your child can thread a shoelace through).
  • Manipulating play dough and using cookie cutters to make various shapes and designs.
  • Picking up objects using tweezers.
  • Threading beads on a string (making a bracelet or necklace).
  • Drawing (get some blank pieces of A4 paper and make a drawing book).
  • Painting.
  • Sand manipulation (get some buckets and spades for your child to use in the sand).
  • Coloring in (coloring in within the lines is a great way for your child to practice hand control).
  • Tracing shapes, designs, letters etc. (Draw different shapes, designs and letters on a piece of paper that your child can trace over).

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If your child’s fine motor skills are not yet fully developed, also consider working with your child on some activities that focus on tracing lines, shapes and curves. Once your child can successfully trace these lines and shapes, he will be ready to write more complicated figures like letters.

Once the child is comfortable with his fine motor skills, start focusing on his writing skills.

We will be covering writing skills in our next blog, so stay tuned……..


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