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Eat it Right!

on July 18, 2012

Eating habits of your child is an insight to his health in his later years. If candies, chocolates, wafers, cakes, burgers are his first and only choices, get on your toes mommies! It’s time to act! Though junk food looks attractive and tastes better, but it will increase the chances of obesity and droopiness in your child as he grows in an adult.

Learning House suggests these points to be followed religiously:

1. Include servings of fruit in his diet every day.

2. Your kid should have at least one meal of vegetables, chappatis and daal everyday. Ask your kid to eat small but sure portions of every food type.

3. Expose your kid to different types of food at a younger age- give him tofu, soy, dahi, salads, porridges. Variety will get him interested and give some more nutrients too.

If you find it tough to make them eat nutritious food, try it with a twist. Decorate your servings of vegetables; fry your daal with lots of veggies; cook some stuffed paranthas and serve it with chutney instead of ketchup; replace plain dull-looking dahi with tasty fruity smoothies. There’s no limit to letting out your creativity in your cooking skills. Make it presentable; make it look delicious and your kid will learn love all the healthy eating options he has.


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