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Help Your Child to Improve His Gross Motor Skills-II

on June 8, 2012

In continuation…..

In our previous blog, we have discussed the movements that you can teach your child at home. Here are few games that we would love to share with parents, as these games would definitely enhance your child’s gross motor capabilities.

Games that you can try at home- 

“Simon Says” – Your child must follow your directions, but only if you begin with the words “Simon Says.” Direct your child to move his large muscles, such as “Simon says touch your toes” or “Simon says do three jumping jacks.”

– Play catch with your child. When he is a toddler, you can sit opposite him on the floor and roll a medium-sized or large ball between his legs. As your child grows, he can stand up to play catch. Balloons make excellent items to catch at first because they float. Try bean bags or foam balls next becaue they are easy for small hands to grab.

Kicking games – First, build a tower with blocks and ask your child to kick it down. The tower is stationary and an easy target. Next place a large ball in front of your child and ask him to kick it. When he is comfortable, you can gently roll the ball towards him to be kicked.

Chasing games
– “You’re It” or “Gotcha Last” are fighting words for kids! Just tap your child on the shoulder and take off! He’ll be after you in a flash.

Jumping rope – Ask your child to jump when turning his own rope or find a few friends to turn a longer rope for your child to jump over. (When it is his turn to turn the rope, his arms will be getting the exercise!)

Bike riding
– This is great exercise that strengthens legs and improves balance.

Splashing in a wading pool – What can be better in the summer than getting wet? And your child will not even realize that he is strengthening his large muscles and improving his balance.

Roller skating or in-line skating – With the proper equipment to protect knees, elbows, hands, and heads, this activity provides wonderful outdoor fun for the whole family.

Don’t forget to tell us how do you find working with suggestions from Learning House.  We emphasis on various similar type of activities during school hours also but parents support and training is most valuable during the development years of  your child.


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