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How can we encourage creativity in today’s children?

Creativity has always been a big part of children’s lives. Every time a child draws a picture, organizes a tea party for her teddy bears or builds something out of modeling clay, creativity is at play.

The problem with many kids today is that they’re spending too much of their time in front of television sets/video game consoles and too little time in those activities that foment creativity.

We at learning House strive to build a positive outlook in our students.

Encouraging creativity is a bit tricky. We need to steer kids toward a creative activity and give them the tools to get started. Then we need to step away and let them explore on their own. If  we get too involved, we might end up inserting our own ideas into the activity, crushing the kids’ creativity in the process.

Thus,we stress fun at all times, because we all learn more when we are having fun!

The activity we offer is not as important as how much the child enjoys it. Figuring out what works could require some trial and error, though. Some kids might enjoy finger painting while others might prefer craft activities. The more interested a child is in an activity or topic, the more questions he or she is likely to ask.

According to experts, the average preschool-aged child asks about 100 questions a day . As kids grow older, those questions became less common. A good way to stimulate creativity in children is to get them involved in activities that spark their curiosity. The more questions children ask, the more they can explore and the more their imaginations and creative minds will expand.

Encouraging children work on their creativity also prepares them for more open thinking and enhances their problem-solving skills.

Lets children explore the joy of creativity!!

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The policies of Learning House

Our policies:

*The school will follow the calendar provided by the Department Of Education. The school session will begin in April and close in March. Parents will be informed about the vacation calendar.

*School timings:

Summer 9.00 am- 12.30 pm

Winter 9.30 am – 1.00 pm

*The school will provide a list of carefully selected books that would support our pedagogy. The stationery kits and worksheet for the pre schoolers would largely be placed with the class teachers. The school will keep the parents informed about the requisite materials that the child would need to bring from home for a class session through regular communications.

*A parent- teacher meeting will be organized every 2 nd Saturday of the month. It is appreciable that both parents attend the meeting to understand the progress of the child and discuss concerns, if any, with the teachers. The class teachers will share portfolios with the parents during the meeting.

* The performance will be evaluated over an extended period of time to show a child’s progress.

*Parents have to ensure that the child comes to school in simple, comfortable clothing. The child should be properly dressed and should be neat and clean.

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The right approach to syllabus …

As Malcolm X said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

We at Learning House  have prepared our curriculum keeping in mind long term advantages the kid will bear…

Our maths curriculum will enable the students to distinguish sizes of considerable difference with ease. They will be able to count and write numbers and also identify and draw common shapes by relating to objects in daily life.

Through the language curriculum the students will be able to identify the sounds associated with the letters. They will also be able to read small words and convey the meanings in their own vocabulary.

The students will also be able to understand various sounds in daily life and be able to distinguish them. The students will be encouraged to develop bi lingual capabilities by introducing Hindi as part of the learning process.

At this tender age gross and fine motor skills become imperative and there will be emphasis on developing these through various activities.

The curriculum ensures that the student develops socially, he or she should be able to feel comfortable being apart from his or her parents or primary guardian for a few hours every day. The intention is that the student converses with others and discusses issues that directly affect him or her with teachers or an adult. Some other important social development skills include

Learn self confidence

Be able to understand basic hygiene

Be able to work in a team or as individual

Conduct oneself appropriately

Respect for elders 

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