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Learn, Play, Explore …

on March 31, 2012

At Learning House the core of our philosophy is the curriculum. Age 2-5 years is a critical learning phase and most of the learning capacity develops during the period. The teaching methodology will be unconventional and will be a mix of activity based and instructional based learning.

We aim to provide a happy, conducive, lively and colourful environment in the school. Our focus would be on these aspects- language, physical development, art and social interaction.


Students will be encouraged to relate their experiences of activities and classroom teaching, thus, laying a solid foundation of concepts before they step into the formal education system. Our theme –based education system will enable faster learning process for a child as compared to the traditional methodology. We also plan to have a focused parental intervention in our teaching methodology as a family forms the first place of any interaction with the child.

The focus would be on combining the unconventional approach with the conventional. Students will be able to connect between everyday things around them and classroom learning. They would be encouraged to explore throughpractical lessons under the able guidance of the teachers. Playful tasks and themes will enable the students to explore and learn. As an outcome of this the child would be able to better relate to his physical environment, inner self and social surroundings.


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